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31st-Dec-2010 09:20 pm - "Until the angels save us all..."
Blonde Jill [RE5], Beautiful
"We will fight. We will fall."
~Hollywood Undead's Young

In three more hours, it will be the new year...Collapse )
To Hell {SH2}
Republicans retake the House: 240 to 184.
Governors retake the States: 28 Republican Governors to 15 Dem.
The Senate was pushed back to a more far divide: 51 Dem to 46 Republicans.

It was a wave of discontent, a resounding vote of no confidence in all branches of power.Collapse )
6th-Sep-2010 02:11 pm - [Safer Waters] ~ Pre-RE FanFic
To Hell {SH2}
Title: Safer Waters (Inspired by the Chevelle song)
Pairings: Mainly Jill's POV, so no pairings, but it does hint at JillxChris.
Fandom: Resident Evil, mainly pre-RE, before even the first game.
Word Count: 2,503
Summary: Before Jill made it to Raccoon City, she had a whole other life, another partner, and a whole other nightmare to contend with.

The ground was shaking still. She could feel the earth pulsing in time to her thundering heartbeat, but...Collapse )
4th-Sep-2010 05:34 pm - Dead and Breathing
To Hell {SH2}
I hate this. I'm so uninspired lately. Everything is boring, and nothing seems like it'd be fun: not writing, not games, nothing. I hate it... I feel so dead.
To Hell {SH2}
Inspired by woodwind, I just had to write this! :] I wish Capcom would show what happened here, but they never will... but that's what fanfics are for, I guess.

Title: After the Fall
Pairings: JillxChris (a little JillxWesker perhaps)
Fandom: RE5 specifically
Word Count: 1,766
Summary: See what happened after Jill's sacrifice through Jill's, Wesker's, and Chris' eyes.

The taste of sand lay on her tongue...Collapse )
18th-Apr-2010 03:18 pm - Distrubing? Funny? ...or both?
To Hell {SH2}
Vagina Hero - Exclusive First Look!

This quote is probably the best one on the page:

"Harmondix may have a leg up on us, but we’re not jerking around any more. We’re serious. We’re in this for the long haul, and we won’t stop until our fans are satisfied, and they’re never satisfied… which means we won’t stop."

I vote for disturbingly funny... :P

And I found this while working on my research paper for Advanced Composition...my topic's on IGA (in-game avdertising), but props for odd-titled links at the top of the page...
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